Cookie Nazzi

So my youngest daughter, who is 5, is a daisy scout in the Girl Scouts.  She loves participating and has made some very nice friends.  All of the other moms are really friendly and down to earth ( believe me, this isn’t common in Norther Virginia. But that’s a whole other blog ).  The girls have been selling cookies and tonight was the night to turn the cookie orders in.  There is one mom who is in charge of the cookies. She takes this job very seriously. She reminds  all of the other moms on a weekly basis how important she is.   We got the lecture about the correct procedures to sell cookies. We got the lecture on the importance of selling cookies. Blah. Blah. Blah.  She really took the fun out of it for most of us.

As I said, this was the night to turn the cookie orders in.  Now being the very unorganized person that I am, ( I admit it. My friends will confirm it ) I didn’t have the order form to turn in.  The cookie mom went bonkers on me. It was so scary.  I tried to appease her by telling her that I could turn it into the leader the next morning ( her son rides my bus).   She looked at me in utter horror and said “NO!  That just won’t do!  I am the cookie mom!  I am in charge of the cookies!!!!!”   I couldn’t help myself.  I tried so hard. But I just couldn’t help it….I laughed.  It was the most ridiculous thing ever!!!

How do you react to someone like this?  I mean, I really  want feedback from you!  I just didn’t even know what to say to this ranting lunatic.

I don’t know about you, but being the tired mom that I am, I don’t have the  time or patience to deal with people and their ego trips.  I. am. too. tired.

It left me wondering…when it’s not Girl Scout cookie season, what does she do with her time?  Oh I know…she’s president of her HOA.   🙂



It’s the little things in life :)

 As I was pouring some hot pasta into a colander, the steam surrounded my face, leaving a warm mist.  I am making dinner AND having a steam facial at the same time!


Why do I do this to myself?

This is my first blog. I have to warn you that I am not that great at writing, but decided to write about  my life as a tired mom. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE to be a mom.  It’s hard, though.

Every day, I am available to everyone else’s needs but my own. This is just the life of a mom. You feed your kids first. You bathe your kids first. You dress your kids first. MAYBE by mid-afternoon, you might be able to do the same for yourself. So….when the kids are in bed and the house is quiet, I can finally relax and do my own thing. The only problem with this, is that I don’t want this time to end.  So night after night, I stay up late. It’s wonderful!  I can read quietly or I can choose to sit quietly and just relax. If I go to bed, this time will end. When I wake up, the quiet is over. So, night after night, I stay up late putting off bedtime, therefore, putting off the next day.  The problem with this, is that the next day I am EXHAUSTED!  Why do I do this to myself every night?  I’ve talked to several  friends who say they do the same thing. I guess it’s some kind of universal mom thing.  I probably should end this bad habit, but I can’t imagine not having this quiet time to myself.  Is there a way that we can extend the amount of hours we are able to sleep once we stay up late?  Is there a way we can have this time alone while time stands still? Nope.  Let’s face it. I should just be content with a small amount of quiet time and then get to bed earlier.  Sounds like a good plan…. for another night.  Right now I’m going to watch a little TV 😉